Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Califunia: "Lamentations on a theme" by Richard Schemmerer

Califunia: "Lamentations on a theme" by Richard Schemmerer

What does it mean to lament to dwell in an artistic sense. Does it mean that one repeats him self by scavenging through ones own trove of ideas or appropriates existing imagery and tries them on for fit to get a fresh perspective.

What ever the motivation a lamentation is also a contemplation of what works and what doesn't. It usually leads to a decision which leads to the change of ones own ways either to follow a prefabricated path or a newly envisioned one.

In this case I worked with the ancient traditional Japanese Hannya mask used in Noh Theater performances and indulged in a reinterpretation at first sticking very closely to the traditional image and then allowing for divergence from the original to create something totally new.

The cycle of life can only continue when the old gives way to the new becomes literally one with it through lamentation and absorption.

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  1. interesting metamorphisis.... and with a nod to Kafka, check it,