Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Find your Star on your walk of life by Richard Schemmerer

"Find your Star on your walk of life by Richard Schemmerer

Street Art

Winners and losers walk next to eachother on our streets.
It's the suit that makes the man goes an old wifes tale
but I say its the heart that makes you-man

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Califunia: "Lamentations on a theme" by Richard Schemmerer

Califunia: "Lamentations on a theme" by Richard Schemmerer

What does it mean to lament to dwell in an artistic sense. Does it mean that one repeats him self by scavenging through ones own trove of ideas or appropriates existing imagery and tries them on for fit to get a fresh perspective.

What ever the motivation a lamentation is also a contemplation of what works and what doesn't. It usually leads to a decision which leads to the change of ones own ways either to follow a prefabricated path or a newly envisioned one.

In this case I worked with the ancient traditional Japanese Hannya mask used in Noh Theater performances and indulged in a reinterpretation at first sticking very closely to the traditional image and then allowing for divergence from the original to create something totally new.

The cycle of life can only continue when the old gives way to the new becomes literally one with it through lamentation and absorption.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Remnants of my life" by Richard Schemmerer

remnants of my life keep resurfacing like

little bits of undigested emotional vomit

cruising my mind is like a vacation on

an extreme house boat that lost its mooring

in an imperfect storm of unfulfilled expectations

and the pipe dreams that started to explode like

pipe bombs instead of rescuing my hope

from drowning in the messy aftermaths of every

other dreamers wishful thinking binge

my days are like ghost adventures with me being the ghost

bingo goes the high roller left on the crab table

I didn't get an invitation to the last supper

instead I was denied access to my own personal hell

I shot my fire power in a cheap Turkish bath

sucking my own stale breath like a slave

to the world that was saved to me on a wooden spoon

instead of happy meal I thought I deserved to get

I am curled up in my own glory hole with nobody

around but me to blow myself blow my last load

while I fantasize about Bora Bora and Shambala!/2012/11/fire-i-have-lived-your-life-by-richard.html

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"it's all in the name brand" by Richard Schemmerer

"It's all in the name brand" by Richard Schemmerer Okay I get it " Califunia" sounds like funnnn but just because the name is cool doesn't make this a blog worth looking at and for me worth keeping up. I am lazy like a lazy Califunia day where breakfast starts at noon and lunch is served beach style on top of a naked body. Okay keep looking at this blog hoping that one day you'll find a worthwhile post that rearranges your brain chemistry just enough to give you the high for the day that you are so desperately looking for. okay it was nit that difficult to come up with " Calufunia " and I am sure some fucking conglomerate will steal it from me one day soon but until than this is mine so keep your lecherous greedy capitalistic pig brain off my intellectual claim. okay on a happier note maybe if you keep hitting this blog like the horny bastard you are pretending to be I'll keep putting out trivial drizzle like this for eternity to come or until somebody offers me a decent writing job that actually pays me in perfumed dollar notes and not just stale likes. to support this blog buy my prints or t-shirts at

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Fast Forward Rewind" by Richard Schemmerer

"Fast Forward Rewind"

Digital art
dimensions variable

by Richard Schemmerer

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Califunia: "I am becoming everything" by Richard Schemmerer

Poem for Califunia

I am becoming everything
the breath that is wasted in awe
the minutes that tick unwatched
the cloud that is looking to rest
I am becoming everything and nothing
nothing that can't be fixed
nothing that needs to be explained
I am becoming everything
like the optimism that outruns all isms
the education that is not needed anymore
the hope that found fulfillment
I am becoming everything and more
more in understanding myself
greater then all things combined
I continue to become everything
until I am everything

by Richard Schemmerer

Monday, February 28, 2011

Califunia: JS Carson at USC Fisher Museum of Art

JS Carson

"...the weight of ordinary things"

at USC Fisher Museum of Art